Whole Creedy Carver Chicken

Whole Local Chicken (Frozen)


Reared in small flocks to reduce stress and increase freedom, they roam grassy fields and are fed a low-density, GM free, additive and antibiotic-free diet, which allows slower growth and results in a happier, superior tasting chicken.

Whole Creedy Carver Chicken

  • All Creedy Carver free range chicken are reared to the highest welfare standards with access to large grassy range areas, many of which are planted up with trees offering shade to encourage the chicken to range.

    Using a conventional breed combined with a low energy feed we are able to achieve exceptional flavour whilst maintaining an excellent meat yield.

    As the farm has developed away from conventional farming 10% of the farm has now been converted to a nature reserve attracting many wild birds, butterflies and insects.

    As well as the Whole, Hand Finished, Free Range chicken, (available in 1.6-3.0kg weight range) Creedy Carver has a wide range of portions also available and has recently launched their exceptionally tasty free range, corn fed chicken.